Hi, I’m Markus, a travel photographer based in Austria. Calling myself a travel photographer gives me freedom. Freedom in terms of what kind of images i take. My main interest are landscapes. Still i really enjoy shooting portraits, macro, street scenes, sports…..basically, there is hardly anything i’m not interested in shooting.

When i started photography it was for documenting my travels. I went on long trips to Asia, sometimes far off the beaten path. I simply wanted to have nice memories. I mainly went to Asia for exploring, hiking and also to practice martial arts. I bought a basic DSLR back then. Thinking it would give me stunning results. But it didn’t. My images were as average as of any cheap digital camera. So i bought a book about photography. And it worked. From that day on I’ve seen photography as a skill that can be learned. Taking photographs wasn’t the main reason for my travel. But it was what i enjoyed most. Going to new places. Look for possible shots. Take them. Process them at home. See the failures. Find a solution, and try again. 15 years of doing so.

I love being outdoors, go hiking, travel or just sit down by the lake or up the hills close to my home. I like to discover, like being exposed to the elements. Feel the sun on my face. The wind on my skin. Having a camera with me taught me to look closer. To watch for details. Since i photograph, my perspective on my surrounding has changed. And even after 15 years of shooting, it is still an amazing feeling to capture one of those moments that would otherwise just pass unnoticed.

If you have inquiries the best way to contact me is via email to markus@markus-peters.com, or via the contact form at the bottom.

For now, i hope you enjoy my images and stories behind them.