Lake Attersee

Hi There

The Area around lake Attersee is my home. I grew up on the northern side of the Alps, in Austrias “Lake Area”. And there are numerous lakes. And of all those, lake Attersee is the biggest. Its color has left many people speechless. In the summertime, the lake gets many visitors. People come for swimming, sailing, diving or hiking in the mountains around. In the other seasons, there is silence. My time. I’ve photographed this lake at all seasons. And at every season this lake succeeded to amaze me.

I would call it a lifestyle, to have such a beautiful lake near your home. On my last trip to the canary islands i read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. In the same way Siddhartha was listening to the river, i love to listen to the sound of the lake. With one major difference. Siddhartha was looking for enlightenment. I m looking for the perfect light, to create images that are worth the real beauty of this lake.