For me it is mostly the landscapes of a country, that make me travel in the first place. I’ve already hiked hundreds of miles, driven thousands and flewn tenthousands to see and capture beautiful areas of our planet. The only thing i found out, the more you see, the more you realize what you didn’t see. It would take you many lifetimes of constant travel to see all the beauty mother earth has to offer. And even after all those lifetimes, you just saw glimpses. You didnt see the same places 24 hours a day. And you didnt see them at all the seasons.

If you walk through the himmalayas, every valley is different. In Scotland you find white beaches. Now just fly over to Iceland, and the beaches turned black. The water of some lakes appears blue, others have a green color tone and another one appears so dark you might think its black. There is so much variation. And to capture this variation in all its glory, this is the biggest motivation for me to photograph. To experience it live, is my drive to travel.

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