Lucky Shot

Born as a child of the late 70s i grew up with a different kind of TV. Cartoon Channel, didn’t exist. At midnight TV transmission ended, only a static image. Still, TV was a part of our life, and we had our TV heroes. One of those heroes was Pippi Longstocking. A figure of Astrid Lindgren. A little girl without respect for law and order. How this links with my story. Its the monkey. Pippi had a pet, the monkey Mr. Nielsson. And every child of my generation must have asked their parents if they could have a monkey as well. I did, what a question.

20 years later i was waiting at a bus stop in India as the hero of my story appeared. Ok, she didn’t have much in common with Pippi, she was very respectful. But, she had a monkey. It had a leash around the neck which was quite unnecessary. The monkey didn’t show any sign he might run off. It was absolutely tame. And of course i asked if i could play with it. He was climbing on me like i was a tree. And of course i made a selfie, unfortunately unsharp.

When the monkey was back on the girls lap, i pointed the camera at her. She got shy. And in the moment i pressed the trigger she pulled the monkey in front of her face to hide. I was a bit disappointed first and removed the camera. Don’t force whats not given. Only back in the guesthouse I chimped my images of the day. I wanted an image with the monkey on her lap and her visible face. But what i got was much much better. I mean, how many people do you know that hide their face behind a monkey???