If we think of a portrait, we usually think of the kind of image we have in our passports. Ok, there can be a smile though, or at least some other human expression compared to a passport image. The face shot straight on, usually the person is looking straight into the camera. And there can’t be any disagreement that this is a portrait. Still, there is another kind of portrait. An image, that shows a bit more than just a face and a bit of the upper body. There is the kind of a portrait where you show more. You show the persons life. Showing the person in action, like in his job, family or sports activity. Sometimes those scenes just happen. Sometimes you need to ask people to move to a specific position to get the shot. Language can make this difficult. Even you as a photographer have much more options to influence those images, and literally craft them, the ones i love the most, are the ones that just open up by themselves. They are just more real, more natural.